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Subject:Performance php/html vs html/php
Summary:Best way to decrease a web page load time
Date:2017-10-19 02:20:00
Update:2019-01-18 19:13:38

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Picture of Francis Francis - 2017-10-19 05:04:02
Hi guys,

Please: which of the following options is faster?

- Html environment:
<tag attribute="<?php echo PhpFunction($foo); ?>">
Some text <?php echo OtherPhpFunction($pippo); ?>.
<div>Now is <?php echo Time(); ?>, hello <?php echo $fooName; ?>.</div>


- Php environment:
echo '<tag attribute="'.PhpFunction($foo).'">';
echo 'Some text '.OtherPhpFunction($pippo).'.';
echo '</tag>';
echo '<div>Now is '.Time().', hello '.$fooName.'.</div>';

Re-formulated better: suppose we have a pure html file, but saved in php format. Then, the php engine must (1) read it (analyze it), and then (2) virtually print it (send it to the client).
So, i could think it's quicker to work in pure php giving directly the command "echo" applyed on all the html content (for example an "echo" line by line); in this way only the second phase (sending the virtual page to the client) will be executed.
Or no?

Thanks anticipally,

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