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File: app/Resources/translations/messages.en.yml

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File: app/Resources/translations/messages.en.yml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Silex MVC Blog
MVC based blog using on the Silex micro-framework
Author: By
Last change: Add TodoMVC for Vue.js
Date: 5 years ago
Size: 3,557 bytes


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#--- MENU ---#
registration: registration
login: login
logout: log out
account: account
home: home
blog: blog
testing: testing
russian: russian
english: english
license: license
product_overview: product overview
loading_resources: loading resources
gray: gray
blue: blue
english: english
russian: russian
pagination: pagination
user_posts: user posts

#--- FORM ---#
Username: Username
First name: First name
Second name: Second name
Password: Password
Email: Email
Save: Save
Login: Login
Created: Created
Title: Title
Body: Body
Personal mobile: Personal mobile 

#--- MESSAGES ---#
developer_copyright: " 2015 by Sergei Beskorovainyi. All rights reserved"
alert-warning: attention
alert_warning: attention
alert-danger: error
alert_danger: error
alert-success: congratulations
alert_success: congratulations
alert-info: information
alert_info: information
congratulate_successful_registration: congratulate you successful registration
information_your_login: information about your login
address_page_login: address of page login
user_logon: user logon
yours_faithfully: yours faithfully
web_site_administrator: WEB site administrator
new_user: new user
learn_more: learn more
get: get
search_on_symfony: Search on Symfony
search: search
add_post: add post
edit: edit
delete: delete
my_posts: my posts
not_found: not found
all_posts: all posts
author: author
edit_post: edit post
user_messages: user messages
added_new_message: 'Added new message "{{ title }}"'
deleted_this_message: 'Deleted message "{{ title }}"'
edited_this_message: 'Edited message "{{ title }}"'
communication_error: "Communication error"
task_list: "task list"
todo: todo
what_must_be_done: "what must be done"
mark_all_as_completed: "mark all as completed"
clear_completed: "clear completed"
you_can_download_with: "you can download with"
clear: clear
completed: completed
finalized: finalized
task: task
tasks: tasks
double_click_to_edit_task: double-click to edit task
developer: developer
debug: debug
previous: Previous
next: Next
help: help
select_scheme: select scheme
select_language: select language
documentation: documentation
examples_todos_lists_various_frameworks: Examples of ToDos lists of various frameworks

#--- VALIDATE ---#
valid_please_enter_your_firstname: "Please enter your name"
valid_please_enter_your_lastname: "Please enter your last name"
valid_please_provide_password: "Please enter your password"
valid_please_provide_login: "Enter your login"
valid_please_enter_date: "Please enter date"
valid_please_enter_email: "Please enter E-Mail"
valid_please_choose_value_from_list: "Please select from the list value"
valid_date_ru_must_be_format: "Please type the date in the format 01.12.2014"
valid_your_password_must_least_n_characters_long: "Your password must be at least 3 characters"
valid_your_login_must_least_n_characters_long: "Your login must be at least 3 characters"
valid_please_confirm_your_password: "Please enter the same password as above"
valid_please_enter_valid_email_address: "Please enter a valid Email address"
valid_user_with_this_login_already_exists: "A user with this login already exists"
valid_user_with_this_phone_already_exists: "User with this phone already exists"
valid_user_with_this_email_already_exists: "Users with E-Mail already exists"
valid_please_enter_valid_login: "Please enter a valid login"
valid_please_enter_valid_reg_code: "Please enter the correct registration code"
valid_please_enter_reg_code: "Please enter a registration code"
valid_user_with_this_login_not_exists: "User with this login missing"
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